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The Model & Pageant Experience all started with a simple question from a curious little girl; "What's it like to be a model?"


Being a professional model for the last 28 years, I have gained a world of knowledge working in the fashion industry.  The only way I knew how to answer her question was to give her an opportunity to experience what being a model was all about. Thus, Founding the Model Experience in 2015. It was very important to me that I teach each one of the girls that being tall and pretty does not necessarily make you a model. It was also very important to me that through my course the girls would learn and understand how to embrace their unique characteristics and also recognize that their inner beauty was even more important than their outer beauty.


In the Model Experience we learn about the different types of modeling while also working on Confidence, Leadership, Speaking, Posture, Poise, Grace, Etiquette, Walking, Turning, Posing, Nutrition, Fitness and Skin Care. We end our course with a professional photo shoot and a professional fashion show.  

The Pageant Experience was also founded in 2015.  After word got out about the Model Experience in the pageant world, I was approached by contestants entering the Pageant World wanting my help in learning how to walk across the stage in high heels with grace, poise while turning and posing.  I began customizing unique choreography for each one of my contestants in Fun fashion, Evening Gown, Fitness and Swim Wear. We also work on Interview skills, hand, facial techniques, and wardrobe analysis.  I coach contestants in all of the pageant systems.


These two worlds could not be more similar.  I am very proud to say I have 9 ladies who have taken home the crown.


I personally believe that when God has given you a gift, you are to share your gifts with the world.  The light that I see from each one of the young ladies after taking my course is all I need to know that this is the path I am supposed to be on. 

Alle Bentayeb

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